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Bio - A RevolT (Kevin Friend)

I spent the first 24 years of my life in Akron. I attended St.Hilary, St.Vincent St.Mary and earned a finance degree from the University of Akron.  I took photography at St.Vincent St.Mary from Earl Emery. We are still friends. He has been a great teacher, mentor and inspiration for all the work I do. I lived in Chicago near Wrigley Field for 23 years. Great city. Got my MBA from the University of Chicago. I have three beautiful daughters, and an ex-wife from my time there. Having daughters profoundly changed me as a man. Looking at the world though their eyes has made me into a vehement supporter of women’s rights and the need for equality. 

I have been back in Akron since 2011. I love living in a National Park. I travel a lot for my job. I take lots of photos. I have had the privilege of seeing many beautiful locations across the world, but I will contend that Akron with its Cuyahoga Valley National Park backdrop is one of the most beautiful. I try to spend as much of my free time as possible on photography and creating art. 

I am a big fan of collaboration and I approach every relationship or project with a philosophy I call the CIRCLE OF GOOD. By design, Everyone involved derives equal benefit from participating. Everybody can win!. I have great hope because I know that every person can decide at any time to start being kind. 

I intend to keep spreading the Unify image and message just in case seeing it and reading it is the catalyst for that person to decide to be kind. Join the Circle of Good and become an ARevolT with me.

Akron photographer merges unity message with campaign to support local businesses

The Akron Beacon Journal wrote a story and helped launch the Unify Akron Passport Campaign. Thanks to Kerry Clawson for  writing and her support. Unify Akron officially launched October 31. Get your passports at participating businesses or print from this website. 

Click the red box below to read the Beacon Article.

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